Friday, May 26, 2006

A movie that could make a difference

A movie that could make a difference, or thats what it's being called in circulating e-mails, and websites, etc.

Al Gore has put out another movie about so called global warming and the doomsday we (read into that - Republicans) are causing. (And it's no accident it comes out during an election cycle).

The movie? "An Inconvenient Truth"

Problem is ... it's from a crazy lunatic - believes in the false premise of global warming - I scream like a madman and spew out lies when speech making -

Al Gore

He made another one awhile back ... 'the day after tomorrow" or something like that.

iI's all doomsday, we're destroying the world B.S. based on false science that has already been disproven. (As facts show ... the planet is actually COOLING.)

Let's look a second at the 'global warming theory. The Earth has (scientifically proven) warming and cooling cycles. These cycles are actually minimal i.e. 1/2 to 1 degree variance +/- from cycle to cycle. The global warming doomsday people are looking at a 100 year window and the rise of average temperature of 1/2 a degree (sound familiar?).

Now let's examine the method. A 100 year window of a planet that's millions of years old ... That would be like measuring the speed of a car entering the highway. OH NO ... it went from 10 mph to 60 mph in 1/4 mile !!! At that rate it will be going 1000 mph in a mile !!!

In other words ... there are other factors that the global warming people and so called scientists ignore. Like the car ... the variance can and will level off and eventually go into the downward cycle.

I found Al Gore's speech in '04 in New York to be very telling ... it was the COLDEST day ever recorded for NY, and he's screaming about global warming and the bad Republicans causing it.

Even his explanation when asked shows his ignorance. Even a middle school student should look at him and laugh at his stupidity. He says, "These record cold temperatures are caused by global warming". What? He thinks people are stupid and will believe anything they're told. Sad thing is ... there are a lot of smart people out there believing whatever they're told.

Let me throw in a little logic to one of the global warming premises. They claim that it will melt the polar ice caps, cause havoc with the oceans, causing terrible flooding and tidal waves (as in 'the day after tomorrow').

Do your own "scientific experiment". Fill a glass with ice ... fill the glass with water ... up to 1/8" of the top of the glass. Sit the glass on the middle of a table - be sure to place towels under it for when the ice melts and (overflows?) ... well ... that's the point ... don't bother with the towels because the level will NOT change when the ice melts. It's called "displacement". Another 'experiment' to back this up would be similar. Make another glass as before. Take a second IDENTICAL glass and pour the water only (strain) into it leaving just the ice in the first glass. You will see that the actual water amount is NOT filling the glass and that when the melted ice in the 1st glass is compared to it it would NOT over fill the 2nd glass if poured into it.The global warming theory on this is disproven again. Our ocean levels are what they are because the ice at the caps already displace water ... if they melt ... the level will NOT change.

This new movie should be ignored, and so should Al Gore himself.

By the way ... his TV 'network' 'current' is a bigger joke and spews out the Liberal Agenda full of lies.

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