Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Protesting" Illegal Aliens

Lately there has been an abundance of flags being waved around and celebrated. Rising high on the flagpoles to wave in the wind, patriotism is high.

The only problem is that these flags are MEXICAN flags …


These young kids, many who don’t even know why they are “protesting”, are being led around by the nose by racist groups like “la raza” (Translate: The Race), LULAC, and the like.

These groups want to forget the borders and take American land from America. They say this is the ‘republic del norte’, and claim that they will ‘return these lands to their proper owner – mexico’.

Well let’s just go back in history to what they are talking about shall we?

The Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819, a historic agreement between the United States and Spain that settled a border dispute in North America between the two nations.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. -

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was the peace treaty that ended the Mexican-American War (1846–1848). The treaty provided for the Mexican Cession, in which Mexico ceded 525,000 square miles to the United States in exchange for $20 million (the same as was offered for the territory prior to the war). The United States also agreed to take over $3.25 million in debts Mexico owed to American citizens.

The cession included parts of the modern-day U.S. states of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming, as well as the whole of California, Nevada, and Utah. The remaining parts of what are today the states of Arizona and New Mexico were later ceded under the 1853 Gadsden Purchase ($10 million).

The cession of this territory from Mexico was a condition for the end of the war.

The treaty also specified the Texas-Mexican border as being at the Rio Grande.

So these young ‘mexicans’ want these treaties disolved? No problem. Let’s review what that involves.

1. Mexico owes the United States $20 million +$3.25 million (but that would be signifigantly more in todays dollars).

2. Mexico owes the United States $10 million (again significantly more in today’s dollars).

3. The Mexican-American War is officially recommenced.

I ask these young Mexicans … how is Mexico’s air force? Army? How’s the Mexican Navy? Are the Mexican Marines battle ready?

There is no problem here in reality. These young Mexican flag raising, U.S. bashing groups and ‘protesters’ merely need to have the Mexican government send about $1 Billion to the United States, and get their military ready to finish the war they want to resume.

I also wonder how many of them are Incan or Aztec. I mean if you really want to "return land to rightful owners", than these groups need to move to Spain and return Mexico to their proper owners.

In the meantime I would like to point out that I did witness one small group in Greenville, Texas on my way home from work last night. They were a mixed group of young ‘hispanic’ boys and girls.

I was watching them walk down the sidewalk carrying their Mexican flags and signs that read “viva la raza” (Translate: “the race”). I heard their chants of “mexico, mexico, mexico!”

I was thinking how their lives would be if they were in mexico, the land they apparently love so much. I was thinking how ungrateful they were for their opportunities here in America, for their free education that my tax dollars are paying for, the medical programs, assistance programs, and all other benefits that my tax dollars fund that make it possible for them to walk down that sidewalk at all.

Then, just before my head exploded, I saw it … one small cluster of about three kids trailing the others. Three ‘hispanic’ kids walking, talking, ‘protesting’ with the others. Three young ‘hispanic’ kids carrying an American flag and chanting “USA, USA, USA!”

I drove off smiling with a new sense of hope … the hope that some of these kids appreciate what their ancestors gave them by coming here, the opportunities they have … and are becoming Americans to do it.

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