Sunday, April 02, 2006

Illegal Alien Solution

Let's face it, there is going to be some sort of stinking amnesty given by our elected leaders because they are afraid of losing the hispanic vote. After all, we all know that they are not really there to serve our best interests, but their own ... and whatever lobbyist has the best handout today.

Our best bet is to evaluate the situation and find the solution.

These Illegals drag DOWN the economy ... not prop it up - as claimed. With the illegals consistently undercutting worker salary, Capitalism, as it is intended to work, fails.

These Illegals are a strain on the socialist government programs that our elected officials have made law over the last several decades. Medical, educational, monetary benefits are drawn against without any input from the illegal population.

The claim “they pay taxes” is a farce. At best an illegal works under a false social security number where taxes are actually deducted from his wages, yet with most claiming married and 3 or 4 to infinite dependants the monetary deduction is minimal. Then using that fake social security number they in turn file for a refund and receive a nice bonus from yet another socialist program from our government. Refund checks of 3 or 4 + thousand dollars while little to none had been deducted throughout the year. They pay taxes? NO … they do not … they RECEIVE yours and my taxes. Our government soaks us for thousands each during the year and then sends us a bill for thousands more on tax day, while we are out begging and hoping to have enough to pay our next bill or put food on the table. That money is taken from you and me and given to these illegals who then go out and live it up … after all, the welfare system is already paying their housing, utilities, giving them food stamps, and so on since “they make so little wages”.

In the meantime you and I continue to struggle without a raise, (if not fired in favor of an illegal ready to do our job for less). In a capitalistic society raises are given, and prices go up. As the cost of living goes up, more raises are given, because profits go up.

The solution? First, no more workers undercutting salary, let capitalism work. If that means having these illegals (a selected few) become “documented workers” then let them work at a competitive salary that will put them on the same playing field you and I am on. Which brings us to point two, NO government handouts paying their way. They will make taxable income on a livable wage with no government freebies, and not receive tax refunds … just like you and I.

Who will the “selected few” I mentioned be? Who decides? Simple … they do. Want to work in America and have a better life?

Criminal record? NO. Living off government programs? NO. Don’t want to learn English? NO. “Protesting” against America? NO. The list is endless, but the goal is to find the ones that came here to WORK for a better life, become Americans, not to live off yours and my dime.

The most important part to the solution, however, is to then secure the border to prevent the unavoidable next wave of illegals ready to undercut the new system. This is what put us in our current position. The Reagan amnesty deal was to allow the 4 million illegals to become citizens, AND secure the border against further invasion. The failure of our government to look after our best interests and actually follow through with securing our border has now allowed 12 – 20 + million more come in. As I have asked before … how many next time?

There cannot be a next time … there shouldn’t have been a this time!


Many have seen the "Atzlan" signs at these 'protests', but how many realize what 'atzlan' is? Here it is ...

In the words of ted kennedy ... 'Let's just be fay-air' ! (Translate: Let's cave and give our land away)!

More to come …

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