Saturday, April 01, 2006

America Folding to Special Interests

There is no link to post because for some reason noone seems to be covering this story.

On Friday March 31, 2006, a High School student attending Royce City I.S.D. in Texas was suspended.

Was it drugs? Was it finally a mexican flag waving student being suspended for truancy after walking out of school for four straight days? Was it for something against the schools policies?


It was an average white American boy who after 4 straight days of mexican flag waving and chants for mexico, decided to show some American patriotism ...

He drove to school that morning with American flags mounted on his truck. He arrived, proceeded to put them away in his vehicle, and was promptly ordered to the office and informed he was suspended ...


No suspensions for walking out of school or flying a mexican flag ???

The administrator responsible claims that it was threatening to the mexican students. This excuse is unacceptable.

I fully expect the Royce City I.S.D. to promptly suspend every mexican student that walked out, waved mexican flags, carried them around the school halls, etc ...

It is 'threatening' to American students!

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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