Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Immigration Bill

CANCUN, Mexico Trade, security and immigration are some of the topics that will be discussed at a North American summit in Cancun. President Bush arrived in the Mexican resort tonight. He'll meet for two-days with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Vicente Fox.

CAPITOL HILL (AP) _ The Senate has begun formal debate on a bill to overhaul immigration laws. It's debating a measure introduced by Majority Leader Bill Frist. Frist calls the situation along the U-S southern border a serious national security challenge "second only to the war on terror."

And they fiddle while America burns.

NO to ANY AMNESTY (by whatever cute name they want to call it).

They say they want to be fair? Then do to them what happens to you or me when we break a law ... haul them off to JAIL.

They say we left the door open? NO ... they snuck in the bleeping window!

And take that stupid phrase "jobs Americans will not do" and shove it ... 4.1% average across the board is the quantity of illegals filling these jobs.

And here's a news flash ... give them 'legal status' and see how long before they demand higher wages ...then what ? ANOTHER FREAKING WAVE OF MILLIONS OF MORE ILLEGALS !!!

We got this same bleeping song and dance in the 80's with Reagans immigration blunder ... amnesty for the 4 million then close the borders ... DIDN'T HAPPEN DID IT ?


120 MILLION ???

Contact your Reps and Senators ... Tell them NO FREAKING WAY !!!

Contact your Senator

Contact your Rep

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