Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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First off ... it was a disgrace how the (D)umbassrats used the funeral of Mrs. King for a bash Bush political rally!

President Carter has no room to open his trap considering that before he was Governor a long time ago ... he was a segregationist. (By the way President Carter ... you forgot to mention that Dr. King was wire tapped ... BY ROBERT KENNEDY!)

Speaking of racist ... Donovan McNabb just proved he is one.

"It was like, it's unreal," McNabb said. "That's like me going out and saying, `Hey, if we had Steve Largent. If we had Joe Jurevicius. It was definitely a slap in the face to me. It was a slap in the face because, as deep as people want to go into it, it was black-on-black crime."

"It's different to say, 'If we had Michael Vick or Daunte Culpepper or Steve McNair or Byron Leftwich,'" McNabb said of four black starting quarterbacks. "But to go straight to Brett Favre, that kind of just slapped me in the face like, `Wow ..."'

News flash Mr. McRacist ... Vick, Culpepper, McNair, and Leftwich? Compared to the CAREER OF FAVRE? (and I hate Favre by the way) ...

Favre15 years - 225 games, 4678 completions for 53615 yards … 396 T.D.’s and a career rating of 86.0injured many times and still played … how many Superbowls?

Vick – 5 years - 58 games, 726 completions for 9031 yards … 51 T.D.’s and a career rating of 75.8 … mile long injury list with many missed games

Culpepper – 7 years - 81 games, 1678 completions for 20162 yards … 135 T.D.’s and a career rating of 91.5 … missed several games due to injuries

McNair – 11 years - 139 games, 2305 completions for 27141 yards … 156 T.D.’s and a career rating of 83.3 … mile long injury list

Leftwich – 3 years - 40 games, 681 completions for 7883 yards … 44 T.D.’s and a career rating of 80.8 … long injury list with many missed games

You think just maybe T.O. was refering to the stats of Favre? The dedication to play through injury? The long distinguished career?

No ... of course not ... not to a racist black man that has to play the race card and throw out all black quaterback names who's careers are not even a comparison to the WHITE Favre! ...

Whoever it is that keeps burning down churches in Alabama better like fire ... I'm betting that's what they'll have an eternity enjoying.

In local news, the Dallas School board wants to consider hiring ILLEGAL ALIENS to teach ... (seems they "need" bi-lingual teachers) ... even though it is against the law to hire those who are breaking the freaking law by being here!

Last time I checked one had to know English to become a citizen ... that would mean that speaking spanish in school would not be required by a teacher because a citizen going to school on my tax money would understand bleeping ENGLISH!

(Or is teaching yet another "job that Americans don't want to do"?)

So the muslims are freaking out over a bleeping cartoon? Bet they enjoyed that crucifix in the piss "art" exibit though ...

Maybe I'll enter an "art" exibit of a pile of dung on the koran ...

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