Friday, January 27, 2006


Been to busy to post lately. Just a brief look at the latest, biggest stories.

So Iran wants nukes? Let's give them some ... BOOM!

Palestine also wants Israel gone ... they elect terrorists (hamas) to majority of parlament? So if we bomb them and 'civilians' are hit ... they're terrorists and terrorist supporters anyways.

Speaking of nuclear options ... Kerry wants to filibuster Alito? Actually ... I enjoy when (D)umbassrats show their idiocy.

Who's idea was it to release the female prisoners to the terrorists for our female prisoners? Theirs are already planning more attacks, and not a word yet on ours ... no suprise ... they were more than likely already executed. Thats the 'honor' of terrorists.

News flash people ... there has been no 'domestic' wire taps, and Bush better be listening in to KNOWN AL QAEDA terrorists calling in and to whom ...

Last for now ... Canadians oust the liberals and vote in conservatives ... (D)umbassrats might want to notice that because despite what they think ... people are not stupid and eventually see through their lies.

More soon ...

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