Tuesday, January 31, 2006

End of January Update

R.I.P. Coretta Scott King. May you enjoy heaven re-united with your husband.

Alito confirmed with a 58 - 42 Senate vote (mainly down party lines ... not a shock).

Kudos to the (D)'s that broke from party line for this vote.

Byrd, W.Va.; Conrad, N.D.; Johnson, S.D.; Nelson, Neb.

Byrd who earlier in the week spoke out that he "would not tow the party line for an important vote such as a Supreme Court Justice." Bravo Mr. Byrd.

Ted Kennedy opened his mouth on the floor in a tirade where civil rights, womens rights, etc. were thrown out as being in danger if Alito were to be confirmed. Did not he attempt to brand Alito as a racist during the 'questioning' before the Senate, yet still cannot back up his claims?

The President delivered his 'State of the Union' speech where he highlighted that the war is going good (we listen to the military), the economy is good (make the tax cuts permanent), and we are to dependent on foreign oil (find alternative energy sources).

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is retiring and former Fed Governor Ben Bernanke has been confirmed to step in as of Wednesday. Mr. Greenspan has done a wonderful job and deserves all our respect for it. He not only performed his job ... he lived it.

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