Thursday, November 10, 2005

What in the World?

So a lot is happening lately as I've been to busy to write. A few recent highlights need to be brought up.

France has been burning for weeks, and it is spreading. Should I mention the way the French media looked down their nose at the U.S. during the looting in New Orleans for 2-3 days? They’re not to vocal about the 2+ weeks of rioting in their own backyard however.

Oil companies may be getting the message as prices slowly trickle down. Congress has the corporate bosses explaining themselves, but you can bet it's all for show. If Congress really cared about us they would temporarily suspend the $.50 average gas tax. They’re only concerned that with higher prices, we the people will buy less gas and their tax revenue will decrease.

We the people pressuring them is what will bring their profit margins to a realistic level. Government controls is not the answer, socialism doesn't work.

A business is there to make a profit. The problem here is that with a product that we have become reliant upon as an average working stiff, we feel like our wallets are being raped when we cannot afford the gas to get to work while the oil companies are reporting record profits. What is the answer then?

Let capitalism work. As I said, oil companies may be getting the message, the we the people complaining message, the “we know you need to make a profit, but quit taking my entire paycheck to make it” message. The one being sent out as larger vehicles are sitting on car lots, and smaller economical ones are more prevalent on the road. The one being sent as more people stay home rather than take that extra trip to town.

Elections came and the results were as expected. Bloomberg retained his Governorship in New York. Two Democratic Governors won in Democrat states.

We here in Texas protected traditional 1 man – 1 woman marriage despite the lies from the gay agenda.

Does ‘truth in advertising’ have jurisdiction in political ads? If not … why doesn’t it? It should be there above all other places.

I say this because of the tactics I witnessed in my own backyard by the gay activists to try and distort the issue and confuse people to vote their side (no), when what the person would have wanted was to vote yes. Ads and recorded message telephone calls would tell people that if they wanted to protect family, their marriage, and etc. they needed to vote no … all the while implying, or outright claiming to be a conservative or religious based group. If asked they would spin it to show where they TECHNICALLY didn’t ‘lie’, just didn’t have ‘full disclosure’.

If lawmakers want election reform, why not make themselves useful by passing ‘full disclosure’ in elections laws?

Still, I await the next spin, their claim that the massively lopsided victory for morality was actually a victory for the gay agenda. What? How?

Well since they clouded the issue and so many are pointing this out then the only reason it was so lopsided is that they confused so many people that they all had it backward and the yes votes thought they were voting for gay ‘rights’.

California proved they are completely insane. Common sense says that a teacher should not have ‘tenure’ after only 2 years, but an initiative to make it at least 5 was defeated. Wonder what’s wrong with schools? How much would YOU care at YOUR job if after 2 years nothing you did could get you fired? ‘Tenure’ should be done away with completely at the public school levels.

San Freaksikco has voted to erase the 2nd amendment. A ban on guns and ammo passed. I feel sorry for the citizens when the next earthquake hits and they have the looting/rioting like we saw in New Orleans. The people will not be able to protect themselves from the thugs … who WILL be armed.

Like I always say … if you outlaw guns, then only the police AND the ‘outlaws’ will have them. Guess what ones will be by your house to visit, and what ones will be to busy to check on you.

Remember all this, San Freaksicko, when you need the National Guard to move in, you also banned the military from recruiting there. Maybe they should stay out from where they're not wanted ... even during earthquakes, floods, looting, riots, etc.

Abortion … can you believe that a simple initiative to make it a law that KIDS could not get an abortion without their parent being at least notified was shot down? A child cannot get their ears pierced, have surgery, or watch an R rated movie without their parents consent, but it’s ok for them to have sex, get pregnant and get an abortion without it?

An abortion can and will ruin a life other than the one it murders. Psychological issues, emotional, and physical issues arise from this evil procedure. Yet the parent responsible won’t even know why their child acts strange lately?

I expect this will take something drastic before the dangers become public knowledge enough to change anti-life peoples minds. (I like the term ‘anti-life’ … since they are opposite of my ‘pro-life’ view, but insist upon calling me things like ‘anti-choice’, and worse).

Will it take a situation where some child in a depression from an abortion kills her parents because they didn’t know what was going on and never got her treatment?

Maybe what it will take is the situation where a child dies in the hospital. The doctors tried everything. Later an autopsy reveals the child had received an abortion, and it was complications from that ‘procedure’ that was the cause of death. Doctors ask the parents why they didn’t tell them? If only they had known … ‘we could have saved her … we didn’t know’ …

The parent can only respond …

“Neither did we …”

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