Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Illegals and Government Programs

Once again ILLEGAL ALIENS are in the news as the President speaks out about the proposed ‘guest worker program’.

The argument is the same from all sides. ‘Jobs Americans will not do’ has become a political mantra to appease and stay politically correct. No one dare speak out for fear of being titled a racist.

I will not be politically correct here so beware. What are these jobs ‘Americans will not do’? Low paying ‘menial’ work like dish washing, ‘dirty’ work in sewers, messy concrete work, hot and sweaty roofing and construction. The list is long, but not all low paying.

The problem isn’t that Americans will not do the job; they just will not do that job at the wage offered. Illegal aliens cross the border, gather together and take these jobs, and the combined wages between several workers can sustain household bills. An American household is generally 2 adults and their children thus limiting the total household income capability.

In days prior to illegal immigration these lower paying positions were filled by the children of these households which gave them an income and relieved some of the expenditures required of the parents. This also gave the children an introduction into the workforce and started their people skills training among other social benefits.

Today these children grow up believing they are owed a corporate position making 6 figures as soon as they graduate high school. They are lazy and have fallen into the entitlement mentality that government programs have birthed over the last several decades. Today it is more profitable to stay home and melt into the couch than to take a ‘job Americans will not do’.

This is the result of illegal aliens and government programs corrupting the capitalist system. Without this interference the system on its own would have raised the rate of pay for these positions. Government interference in commerce by artificially raising the minimum wage has resulted in prices increasing across the board while only those making the ‘minimum wage’ see the income increase to compensate for it. At the same time it is documented fact that these ‘minimum wage jobs’ are held mostly by high school and college students, and spouses working for that ‘income for extras’.

In the meantime the average American worker who is trying to support a household has seen his wages systematically decrease in buying power. While those kids not to lazy to work are making higher wages and buying neon and speakers for their cars, the products they produce that the household needs drains heavy on the parents’ wallet. The utilities and household expenditures rise in cost while the power of the dollar against these costs is weakened each time the government institutes another program, or another group of illegal aliens cross the border and take that higher paying job.

Higher paying jobs? Yes. As I mentioned above the jobs are not ALL low paying. Many illegal aliens are making high wages doing concrete, roofing, truck driving, etc.

And don’t feed me this ‘they pay taxes too’ BS. EARNED INCOME CREDIT … another bleeping government program that assures they receive a refund of several thousand dollars … not pay tax.

This is a debate that is long overdue. Doesn’t matter, however, because the government thinks another program is the cure …

They are the problem.

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