Friday, November 04, 2005

Be Careful What You Ask For

It seems that the Democrats have found a wat to put off Judge Alito's confirmation hearings until January. The question is why, when Justice O'Connor is waiting to retire and move on with her family life, and was hoping to do so before the new session began.


1. Democrats don't care about what their current 'moderate' Justice wants.
2. Democrats need time to try and dig up dirt on Alito to trash him in the media first.
3. In a Republican majority Senate Democrats can show they still have control.
4. There are to many Liberal Agenda based cases that they want to be heard with O'Connor (who they count on voting their way) still in place.
5. They need 2 months to cry and whine while saying to themselves - "aaawwwwwww CRAP!"

The Democrats blasted Miers for not having a "paper trail". Democrats want a Liberal activist Justice in place, a.k.a. another Ginsberg. Legislating from the bench is the only power the Liberal agenda has had in recent years. (see gay 'rights', abortion, etc.)

Miers did not fit without an established paper trail to be sure she voted for abortions, for gay 'rights', etc. They demanded a paper trail.

Well they got one, and now they are in a corner. They have before them someone with not only an established paper trail but one that shows he does vote for and against issues, based solely on the case in question compared to the Constitution, and not by a pre determined agenda based ideology.

Alito has voted for gay 'rights', for abortion 'rights', etc., but he has also voted against them. Thats where the problem with the Democrats pops its ugly head.

Democrats do not want a Justice who decides based on the Constitution, they want one who gives Liberals power that they cannot get from the people at the voting booth. Yet they say they want the candidate with the peoples interests in mind. A justice is supposed to have the Constitution in mind, not anyones (Democrat, Republican, Conservative, or Liberal) interest in mind.

Miers wasn't good enough, no 'paper trail'?

Be careful what you ask for ... you just might get it!

*At this time Jonathan is still evaluating Judge Alito for official endorsement. Untill further review I withhold official endorsement and encourage you to evaluate Judge Alito also to assure that any Justice placed adheres strictly to the Constitution and not to any agenda be it Liberal or Conservative.

Judicial Legislation must stop !

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