Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What the MSM Do Not (Usually) Tell You About Iraq

And yet the shock continues. In a story by NewsWEAK regarding the Kurds in Iraq, we learn, contrary to what the MSM usually wants us to believe, that their is some good things going on in Iraq.

Where the American soldier can find a bit of paradise, a smiling child, and an adult that calls them "friend", Kurdistan is a haven ... a prospering haven.

The Kurds love America, love Americans, love our soldiers. The Kurds want us there ... even demanding it.

"I do not ask that Americans build bases in Kurdistan—I demand it," says Abdel Beg Perwani, a Kurdish member of Iraq's Parliament and deputy head of the defense committee.

Voter turnout is high, business is good, 'homocide' bombers are non-existant.

Kurdish troops called "peshmerga" are responsible for policing the area, and they do it well.

Good news from Iraq is much like the enemy ... out there in many places, but hard to find. This is not because it doesn't exist, it's because someone doesn't want it found.

The rest of the MSM could learn something from Newsweek ... at least 'thisweek'.

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