Friday, October 07, 2005

Round the World in a Minute

Crude oil has dipped again ... can't wait for the price at the pump to dip at the same percentage that crude has. It's still at the same price it mysteriously rose back up to a few weeks ago, but you know they'll squeeze it until just before the Feds move in on price gouging ... which I doubt will occur, but needs to.

A global energy price downdraft finally snagged natural gas Thursday, plunging it 5.7 percent to $13.375 per million Btu.

That's the lowest level for the commodity on the New York Mercantile Exchange since Sept. 27.

Gasoline fell hard, too, dropping 3.8 percent to $1.835 per gallon. Heating oil was down 3.2 percent to $1.95 per gallon, and high-quality crude oil dropped 2.3 percent to $61.36 per barrel.

Industry experts were divided about the significance of recent price declines. Some see it as the result of high prices pinching demand and a huge influx of imported petroleum products, particularly gasoline.

Haven't seen a dip at the pump though ... as an average, but seeing one place offering $2.62 ... most still at $2.99 ... and one at $3.19 proves there is no 'norm' ... which is evidence to me that they are just grasping for every penny they can rip us off for.

President Bush told us that the U.S. has stopped at least 3 terrorist attack attempts on U.S. soil.

Three targets cited were in the United States, including plans to use hijacked airplanes to attack the West Coast in mid-2002 and the East Coast in mid-2003.

The third was the case of Jose Padilla, a former Chicago gang member who converted to Islam and allegedly plotted with top al-Qaida commanders to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" in a U.S. city.

I am becoming convinced that the OU game suicide bomber wasn't just a mixed up teen, but a 4th attempt that was diverted due to tightened security at the game. Thanks to such efforts he remained a 'suicide bomber' and not a 'Homocide bomber'. Much evidence leading this thought process is available.

Makes one wonder how many other attempts are not being mentioned, and why a government spokesman, and espicially the MSM is so quick to state "terrorism is not involved" over things like a refinery explosion in Houston, etc.

An explosion in March at BP's Texas City refinery killed 15 and injured 170 people. And BP's refinery exploded a second time in July, but resulted in no injuries.

Karl Rove will testify ... again. I guess they'll keep pushing for something that isn't there untill they get angry ... like the politically motivated Ronnie Earle who is becoming a bigger joke with each story.

times up!

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