Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nagin lays off "non-essential city employees"

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 4 - The mayor of this battered city said Tuesday that about half of its 6,000 public employees would be laid off because there was not enough money to meet the payroll.

The layoffs - emergency leave without pay - will begin Oct. 8 and leave about 3,000 nonessential workers unemployed when completed in about two weeks. Final paychecks will be issued this month.

I just wonder why he didn't include himself in that list of "non-essential city employees".

I also wonder how many on that list are or ever were actual persons ... *cough* non-existant police officers *cough*

Ms. Blanco said yesterday that she wanted Congress or President Bush to change the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act regulations to allow funds to pay regular salaries and not just emergency-related overtime of public employees.

No way ms. blankchecko ... I for one don't want my tax dollars going to your corrupt state and city to pay salaries for persons that don't even exist. Of course you've already done that with all that federal money New Orleans recieved over the years for having a police force of a certain size ... but we learned otherwise recently ... now you have your hand out for more ?

How about you and your fellow corrupt (D)umbassrats just take it out of your pockets where you've been shoving it by frauding your citizens, and the federal government for years?

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