Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My new goal in life...

My new goal in life...
I've been a little deep in thought I've came to realize fault in myself. You see...sometimes as people (being the humans we are) we can start to look at the people in our lives who are close to us...and think...Why are they acting that way? Why can't they be this way or do this instead of that? Well...I realize until you walk in a persons shoes you can't really understand the reasons things seem to always be this instead of that. Even though you think ...well if they really loved me it wouldn't be like this or that. We are all individual and we go through different things in life as individuals. Sometimes life molds us in different ways because of the things we learn from the good as well as the bad stuff that we go through or see in life. Therefore...we don't think or feel we react different ways to different things.
Consequently...I realize that I am not here to I should not even try to do that. Yes...I can have morals and I can know right from wrong in my own eyes...but the truth is...I should never feel it's my place to try and fix or improve anyone other than myself. Doing can only hope that maybe somehow this can make my life as an example of what I feel is right or wrong for me. There is only one (God) that we all have to really stand before and wonder if we did things right in life or was it all in vain. Therefore...until we learn to fix ourselves...we have no right to try and remove the mote from anyone else's eyes.
I can only try to be a better person and learn from my own mistakes and hope that in all this I can finally fix myself. I can set myself as an example before all the people I love or care about and only hope it can encourage them to be the best they can be and never take things for granted. Life is short and I don't want to waste it on being bitter because I don't feel it always goes my way. I need to see life as the gift that it is and fulfill my own purpose. loving myself...I can finally love others for who they are and not who I think they should be.
My new goal in life is to fix MYSELF.

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