Sunday, October 23, 2005

The muslim “Messiah” – Osama?

Today we face open borders with no elected official seeming to care that we are at war with those that seek our death and destruction. We look at it as a war against terrorism, against those that are a minority few that work by extreme measures to assert their view and be heard.

The truth is that to the terrorists we are the enemy of their god. We are the soldiers of the beast and to them they are in a “holy war” that they must win.

The terrorists are under the belief that their “messiah” has come. All the signs point to it, or so they believe.

Paul L. Williams, author of "The Al Qaeda Connection" and a former FBI consultant …

"This year, Muslims will experience solar and lunar eclipses during the holy month. These great heavenly signs, according to Islamic visionary Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Sahib, foretell the coming of the "Mahdi," the mighty warrior of the Apocalypse, who will defeat the army of Yajuj wa-Majuj ("the infidel unbelievers"), led by the Dabbah or "the Beast." He will lead the Muslims to great victory and bring forth the Day of Islam, when all of creation falls before the throne of Allah."

Millions of Muslims worldwide already regard bin Laden as the "Mahdi," say Williams and other analysts of Islam.

"Islamic tradition says that the Mahdi will be a descendant of Muhammad through his daughter Fatima," writes Williams. "He will have a distinctive forehead, a prominent nose, and a black mole on his face. He will arise from Arabia and will be called from a cave by Allah to serve as the savior of all true believers."

Williams points out bin Laden's followers see significance in his high forehead, the prominent nose, the black mole, his origins in Arabia and his calling from a cave in Afghanistan.

"Bin Laden speaks of the president of the United States as Dabbah, the beast he must slay, and of the American people as the Yajuj wa-Majuj, the nation of Gog that he must destroy," reports Williams. "In his edicts and official correspondence, he no longer signs his name as Osama bin Laden but as Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden."

Is bin Laden the "Mahdi"? Many Muslims think so. And these are prophetically significant times for those who believe. A solar eclipse occurred Oct. 3 and a lunar eclipse followed Oct. 17. This is a unique phenomenon that only occurred once before -- during the Ramadan of 1894. At that time, Muslim scholars said that the next occurrence of twin eclipses will signal the appearance of "the divinely guided one" and the end of human history.

"One Muslim, who views bin Laden as the Mahdi, is Sheikh Nasir bin Hamid al Fahd," explains Williams. "Al Fahd recently issued a religious ruling or fatwa on behalf of the clerics of Saudi Arabia that granted bin Laden and other terrorists the permission to use nuclear weapons against the United States."

In the interim we have illegal immigration across our southern borders everyday, many classified as OTM (other than Mexican). Included with these peoples, that our government doesn’t seem concerned with, are those that are here to destroy us in their “holy war”.

“Political correctness”, under the guise of “tolerance” will be our downfall. Name someone as “illegal” and you will be called a “racist”. Demand action to secure the borders and you are called a “bigot”. Try to stand with decency and morals and you are labeled a “religious zealot”.

Do not try to save the lives of babies; you are a religious freak taking away the rights of a “mother”. Dare not to place a cross up at Easter, as you would be shoving your “religion” down someone’s throat. Do not celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, or Hanukkah as commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem, no menorahs allowed either. We must not “offend”.

However, by all means, celebrate Ramadan and design memorials to those murdered by muslim extremist terrorists in the shape of a crescent (the muslim holy symbol) for
flight 93 even calling it “The Crescent of Embrace”. (Embrace: to hug, hold, or cuddle.) Make the 9-11 memorial a place to state the evils of the world, or at least that America is evil.

Do not have the Ten Commandments posted anywhere, but please feel free to hold the Koran in the highest esteem. Burn a Bible, but don’t you dare allow a drop of water to touch the Koran.

The goal of the enemy is to convert, or conquer and destroy. Seems to me that they are succeeding at many levels. They are having our religious beliefs, (be it Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or others), trampled on and made illegal while theirs is posted in the public square, and broadcast onto public streets. (See the call to prayer heard city wide now in
Hamtramck, Michigan.)

Well I am “offended”. Where is the ACLU (All Communist Lawyers United) to defend ME? Why haven’t they demanded these things removed?

Could be that they are what their history shows them to be, communist insurgents taking down America from the inside as per the
communist goals.

Now we have islamo-fascists joining the fray, and Americans bowing to their demands in the name of “tolerance” and “political correctness”.

The terrorists believe that osama is their “messiah”? I believe that he is the servant of the beast. It is said, “in the end times one will come in my name claiming I am he”. Proper translation from the Greek says, “He will come claiming my authority.” The religion of islam is the anti-christ from all angles. I keep promising one day to write my theory of this. It comes to convert or destroy. It is said that the beast will make you denounce Christ and take his mark or you will be put to death. Sounds familiar to me.

The bottom line is that while the terrorists fight with religious intent on “saving” the world, we (who should be doing the same) bend over backwards to not “offend” them. All the while they offend our way of life, our beliefs, our morals. Who will save the world from them?

Does one need to be having their head sawed off with a dull knife to realize this?

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