Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday Ketchup

Oil is down, prices at the pump are down ... The percentages do not match however. Am researching for an article to show how there is a conspiracy to make you believe we are running out of oil, etc. to make it seem ok to have high prices. (To late ... stocks are already "rising on concern"). When will someone take the price control out of the hands of bleeping wall street SPECULATORS?

Plame is big news again. Thinking back it seems that Joe Wilson was the first to name his wife. He then used his trip to Niger returning with lies (proven so) while working for John Kerry. Will he be indicted?

Miers is still being debated. I am still waiting to hear what SHE has to say.

Wilma is forming near Cuba. Looks like you better fill your tanks before the oil companies use it as another excuse to raise the prices again.

Civilians killed by U.S. bombing in Iraq. 70 estimated militants (TERRORISTS) were bombed, but residents claim at least 39 were civilians. One question ... if they were civilians ... why were they so close to terrorists? Todays technology allows precision bombing. To be hit you need be very near the target ... very near.

Looks like the Iraqi Constitution will pass even though the terrorists don't like it. Haven't seen the media coverage I expected on this, but I'm sure the MSM was hoping for more bombings to cover instead. The lack of incidents proves the 'system' is working there, and the terrorists are running out of resources. A.K.A. - WE ARE WINNING !

Speaking of MSM wanting to cover the worst ... did you see where NBC faked a flood story? Sitting in a canoe paddling in ankle deep water ... cold busted on live TV when 2 men wade past her (intentionally?) ... then lame attempts to joke it away then explain it. They think people are stupid.

PETA 'employees' do not treat animals ethically. 25 felony counts in North Carolina by the group that, on their web site, whines about the judicial system when their investigation led to felony charges against a pig farmer. I'm betting that they'll whine again if these 2 employees are convicted. This group started out doing good. Then the vegitarians and leftists took over. Their "motto"? "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment."

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