Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Freeloaders at Mudville Gazette - I'm guilty

Mudville Gazette is a great blog that offers open posts to link articles to.

Problem is ... several people post links there, but don't recipricate the link back on their article.

Freeloaders ... and they will be deleting non-recipricating links from now on as well they should.

This comes from someone that is guilty of doing so. I have linked there a few times. Being one of my favorite blogs to read I keep them on my blogroll over there ------->

I have linked there and intended to edit my article to include a link, but became sidetracked and never got it done ... GUILTY!

I propose that we all here in blogland do what I intend to do from now on ...

edit your post/article to include the link, then send the trackback after.

To those over at Mudville Gazette and anywhere else I am guilty of 'freeloading' from ... I apologize ... I promise it wasn't intentional

P.S. They call it a "red card offense" but thats soccer ... I'll stick to my Hockey!

I get 5 in the box, an additional 2 for instigating, and a 10 minute misconduct. (not a game misconduct though ... Greyhawk ... the ref over there ... had mercy)

= )

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