Saturday, October 01, 2005

Catching Up A Bit

DeLay was 'indicted' for basically waiving the statute of limitations. This will go nowhere, like the first 5 times that the fame seeking (D) Ronnie Earle presented his 'case' to the grand jury. He tried this before with Kay Bailey Hutchinson and was forced to drop his non-case before trial. There is a ton of evidence available that (D)umbassrats have actually been 'breaking the rules', but Earle isn't going after them, and doesn't have plans to. Now he has film crews following him around ... and we're supposed to believe he's 'just doing my job'?

Judith Miller has been released from her contempt sentence and has now testified. Little has been said about her source being Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby after all the days of Karl Rove conspiracy talk at the beginning. The story is dead anyways. Wilson himself 'exposed' his wife, but noone cares anymore because they can't use it to attack the persons they really want to attack anymore.

The hurricanes have come and gone ... damage is still being repaired ... insurance companies apparently are not out anything since the government for some reason is expected to show up and hand out was has been calculated to be $500,000 per person. WHAT?!?!?!

Kinds getting tired of all the hands held out for my tax dollars. If a tornado (a 'natural disaster') rips through my house will my hand be filled if I hold it out or will I just be sent packing to the mercy of my insurance company?

Gas prices were going down (were about $2.47), but somehow another excuse took them right back up to $3 a gallon again. If the excuse is the 'more damage to the offshore rigs than originally thought' then I have a question ... what does that have to do with price at the pump? Last I checked there is still plenty of crude available and you (oil companies) should be paying for rebuilding the rigs with INSURANCE money ... not by taking my whole paycheck for 1 tank of gas. I find no 'excuse' credible at this time, just profiteering.

Bob Bennett opened his mouth and inserted his foot. What he said has merit if placed in context and worded properly. If indeed the black rate of births to crime percentage is higher, than naturally the lower the birth rate the lower the crime rate. This is across the board though and race should not be a factor. As a national figure Bennett would serve himself well to remember that anything he says is under a microscope and his words should be chosen well. I think he should apologize and move on.

An NYFD imam resigns after placing blame for 9-11 on the U.S. with a conspiracy theory, rather than admit it was his religions radical sect. This is becoming more and more the norm, and that is troubling. Why does the world want to protect islamic radicals from scrutiny? MSM calls them 'insurgents' instead of murdering terrorists, the memorials want to either design a memorial in the shape of the terrorist religeous symbol, or place a museum to 'i hate America' idealologies as the centerpiece. This is all sickening, but not surprising. I'll just have to post my theory I developed while a theology student that islam the religion is the 'anti-christ' ... not a person.

More later ... news always developing ...

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