Saturday, October 08, 2005

Asian Quake - 1,000 feared dead (x30)

A large earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale caused damage, injuries and the deaths of at least 160 in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. This number may increase, however, as the Pakistani army's chief spokesman has said "1,000 people were feared dead."

Damage was also extensive in Kashmir where an additional 157 people are confirmed dead.

Communications are under stress as many phone lines are down thus mobile and satellite exchanges are being greatly congested.

To understand the effects of this quake, lets compare ...

An average tornado has the equivilent energy seismicly of 5,100 tons of TNT (4.5 Richter scale).
The largest thermo-neuclear weapon has the equivilent of 32 million tons (7.0 Richter scale).
A magnitude 7.5 has the equivilent energy seismicly as 160 million tons.

Meanwhile around the world a 5.5 magnitude undersea earthquake rocked El Salvador and Guatemala.


More coverage on the earthquake available at Jawa Report, cross posted at Interested- Participant.

Sunday Oct 9, 2005 - 6:50 a.m. cen.

Reports are now confirming much higher death tolls than expected. 19,000 is the number this morning, and that may climb further.

President Gen. Pervez Musharraf appealed to the international community to help with relief efforts. He appealed for medicine, tents, cargo helicopters and financial assistance. The United States, the United Nations, Britain, Russia, China, Turkey, Japan, German and India all offered assistance.

"We do seek international assistance. We have enough manpower but we need financial support ... to cope with the tragedy," Musharraf said. He said supplies were needed "to reach out to the people in far-flung and cut-off areas."

This is expected. A nation should have their own manpower to handle emergencies, thats called sovereignty. But please understand, Mr. Musharraf, that noone trusts anybody that just wants money. Many will offer the actual supplies you request instead.

One item of good news mixed in ...

India, a longtime rival of Pakistan, offered help and condolences in a gesture of cooperation. The nuclear rivals have been pursuing peace after fighting three wars since independence from British rule in 1947, two of them over Kashmir.

President Bush has already offered our condolences, and Secretary Rice has announced our availability for assistance.

We know ourselves, and as with the tsunami, hurricanes, and other disasters privately we are already sending money and supplies.

Sadly, however, we all know this will change nothing in the world view of the U.S.

We don't care. We offer help out of compassion and care, not to change the worlds thinking.


Update Oct 9, 2005 - 12:00 p.m. cen.

The death toll is now over 30,000. It is sure to keep growing.


Update Oct 11, 2005 7:30 a.m. cen.

Pakistan recieved many severe aftershocks with several exceding 5.0 shortly after the initial quake.

Now the region is being pelted by heavy rain and hail storms, severly hampering rescue and relief efforts. The death toll at this point is 21,000 in Pakistan and slightly over 1,200 in India.

Pakistan on Monday accepted offers of relief from India, with which it has disputed ownership of Kashmir, but said no Indian troops would be allowed on its territory.

In a touching story, a child who was found in the rubble after several days trapped with no food or water was joined by his mother who also was found shortly after.

Continue to pray for these people, and search your heart for what assistance you may be able to give.

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