Thursday, September 08, 2005

Our Tax Dollars Not Insurance

The House as early as Thursday was expected to approve the $51.8 billion spending bill that the Bush administration, under attack from Democrats for its response to the devastating Gulf Coast storm, described as the latest installment in the costly relief effort.

A sliver of the new funding — $1.4 billion — would help the Pentagon pay for the deployment of military personnel to the storm-damaged region. More than 63,000 military active duty and National Guard troops so far have been sent to the Gulf Coast.

But the bulk of the money would go into a Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster relief fund that is offering debit cards of $2,000 per household to victims evacuated from homes in Louisiana and Mississippi. FEMA anticipates handing out 320,000 cards, at a cost of $640 million, to help displaced residents buy clothing, pay for transportation and other "emergency supplies they need," Director Michael Brown said.

Don't get me wrong. I feel bad for the (P.C. term) "evacuees" from Katrina. They lost alot and most lost everything. Many are stuck in places and looking to start over with nothing.

I really don't have a problem with my tax money going to give these Americans what is equal to 1 months salary at an average job as a way to get them by while they re-group their lives, but ...

1. Unemployment Insurance - many are eligible
2. Private Insurance - many have already filed their claims
3. Fraud - How many will recieve this pseudo 'entitlement' that were not even involved in the disaster, or shouldn't be eligible? (i.e. the prisoners that are walking the streets free right now).

Also it is being reported (will add link later when found online) in the Dallas Morning News that our tax dollars in an additional amount of $28000 will be handed out.


Why? For what reason?

I sound 'insensitive'?

Maybe because I've lost stuff before and had to rely on myself, and family because even my insurance found a way out of helping ... and the government didn't hand me a single penny.

More on this later.

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