Sunday, August 07, 2005

Terrorist Gripes About Iraqi Al Qaeda Leaders

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A letter allegedly written by an insurgent to the head of Al Qaeda in Iraq complained of the lack of leadership in the northern terrorist cell in Mosul, according to excerpts provided by the U.S. military Saturday.

The letter, written to Jordanian leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi by a fighter calling himself Abu Zayd, was discovered by U.S. forces during a raid on an insurgent safe house in Mosul on July 27, the U.S command said. During the raid, six suspects were detained.

He complains that the Mosul leadership of the Al Qaeda in Iraq branch is incompetent, lacks training, and does not collaborate. The letter's authenticity could not be independently verified.

The letter also criticizes "the lack of diversity in the attacks, and the unwillingness to go after the centers and headquarters especially when they are easy targets, and being content with sending suicide bombers after armored vehicles."

Also on the list of complaints: "squandering the Muslims' money on petty expenses, cars and phones."

He ends with the warning that al-Zarqawi need to "be attentive to the Jihad in Mosul and pursue its development." Otherwise, "the fall of Mosul in the hands of the mujahedeen is possible, and because it relieves the pressure off the other cities such as Qaim and Tal Afar."

His complaints echoed similar concerns raised in a letter written by a terrorist cell leader who fought in Fallujah and discovered during a raid in Baghdad in May, the military said.

Earlier this year, U.S. troops arrested several key Al Qaeda leaders in Mosul, including the head of the branch.

Al Qaeda in Iraq is led by al-Zarqawi and has claimed responsibility for numerous bombings, kidnap-slaying of foreign diplomats, beheadings of U.S. and other foreign hostages and suicide attacks.

His other complaint was that the leadership that does exist insists that YOU must blow yourself up and be a murderer to get to allah ... but apparently they do not.

It is said often that some 'televangelists' are frauds and in it for the money ... looks like some terrorist leaders are too.

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