Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter Jennings - A Tribute

This is late, but I will post my condolences to the family of ABC's Peter Jennings who died yesterday of lung cancer.

I often disagreed with his leanings while reporting, but as a man he is due respect.

Having begun in the news business young, he worked his way up the ladder with a brilliant command of using words to paint a picture. He learned this early from his father who would often send him out (for example) to describe the sky, then not satisfied send him back out having him divide the sky into sections and re-describe it.

A Canadian, he was often berated for not becoming a U.S. citizen. He is quoted as having once said, "my Mother is Canadian, and while she's alive I will remain a Canadian."

After his Mothers passing, he did complete all requirements to become a U.S. citizen, and did so proudly.

I repeat, I may have disagreed with his polotics, but he has my respects.

God bless you Mr. Jennings, and God's comfort to your family.

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