Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NY Times Bias Against Bush

Stuck In Second

As Washington shuts down for August, President Bush’s report card from the public for the first half-year of his second term is not a good one compared with how the public graded Presidents Reagan and Clinton at a similar point in time. Only President Nixon, who had by then begun to tumble into the abyss of Watergate, had a lower presidential approval rating. Unlike Nixon’s precipitous decline over one mega-problem, Mr. Bush’s fall in public esteem reflects discontent in a number of areas: Americans are unhappy about economic conditions, the war in Iraq, Washington’s intervention in the case of Terri Schiavo and general partisan bickering. In that regard, it is noteworthy that favorable ratings for Congress are lower than in the past, too.

Ultimately, scandals undermined the second terms of all three of Mr. Bush’s two-term predecessors. For now, the president has only a relatively small one in the investigation of possible White House collusion in the unauthorized outing of C.I.A. officer Valerie Plame. But according to July’s polls, Mr. Bush’s personal credibility rating, once a strong point, is slipping. Despite some recent legislative victories, this second term president could use some sustained good news to restore his public standing.

Where do we begin?

Well first of all (for the billionth time) that is PRESIDENT Bush.

Got to love the way they compare the Rove/Plame/ etc. thing to Watergate. Not even really between the lines either. Funny thing is ... YOUR reporter is still in jail even though Rove has cleared her to name him ... oh I forgot ... it is probably Wilson and Plame themselves she is protecting, and the NY Times.

"Economic conditions"? The economy has never been better, although to read your liberal rag one would never know it.

"War in Iraq"? We're doing our job there. We went for MANY just reasons and have been more sucessful than could be imagined at a faster rate than could be expected. Of course your liberal rag of a paper has never published one positive story from Iraq has it?

The uproar about Terri Schiavo is that she was murdered. The fact that Washington stepped in is not the issue ... it is the fact that your majority liberal Supreme Court thumbed their nose at Congress and ignored the law that was passed that allowed her murder to occur. But I don't recall the NY Times having a problem with the Supreme Court writing law from the bench ... as long as it kills babies, etc.

The kicker ... "general partisan bickering". The NY Times is the number one partisan bickerer in the nation. Your liberal rantings and outright attacking of the right is infamous. Your (D)umbassrat Senators and Congress(persons) and your regurgitation of their oral flatulation on an un-ending basis is the problem.

The truth is that it is the NY Times 'credibility rating' that is in question here, and this article makes that point all the more relevant.

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