Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NARAL Hypocrites are Anti Roberts

Abortion rights group presses Republican centrists on Roberts

NARAL mounts ad campaign in Maine and Rhode Island

WASHINGTON - NARAL Pro-Choice America, (I'll say 'anti life') the nation’s leading abortion rights advocacy group, will go on the air in Maine and Rhode Island Wednesday, and nationally on CNN and Fox News, with a two-week, $500,000 television ad purchase which accuses Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of being a judge "whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans." (Thats real good coming from a group whos ideology excuses MURDER.)

The targets of the ad appear to be two Republican senators who are running for reelection next year: Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, whom NARAL has already endorsed, and Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine.

The ad assails Roberts for the legal brief he filed in Bray v. Alexandria Women's Health Clinic, a 1993 case, in which he said the Civil Rights Act of 1871 did not apply to violent abortion protestors, but that state remedies were adequate to punish and deter them.

The Supreme Court, in a 6-to-3 decision, agreed with Roberts’s view.

(With good reason. The 'crime' in question is not a 'civil rights violation'. There is nothing in the argument saying it is not a crime, in fact the opposite is stated. The fact is that there are already current state laws that take care of the crime and punishment.)

The Supreme Court agreed with Roberts. The majority found that in the actions of violent anti-abortion clinic protestors, there was no racial or class-based hatred as their motive, as required in order to be covered by the 1871 law.

Roberts argued the case before the Supreme Court when he was serving as Deputy Solicitor General in the administration of President George H.W. Bush.

"We are not suggesting that Mr. Roberts condones or supports clinic violence," said NARAL president Nancy Keenan. (And I'm not saying that you condone murder ... well ... you got me there ... yes I am.)

But the NARAL ad itself says, “America can’t afford a justice whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans.” (again ... Thats real good coming from a group whos ideology excuses MURDER.)

Keenan said Monday that Roberts’s “ideological views of the law compel him to go out of his way to argue in support” of violent anti-abortion protestors. (call a spade a spade ... 'ideological views' = 'he's a conservative'. You want a liberal to ensure your ability to continue murdering.)

She said he “sided with groups that supported clinic violence. The government did not have to file an amicus brief, they could have stood down on that issue, and they did not…. He was a political appointee who shared the ideology of that administration. He was the one who was the architect of policy; he was the architect of legal briefs, and the architect of strategy of that administration.” (In other words, anyone that is pro-life is wrong and needs to back off and allow you to continue murdering.)

Congress resolved the issue by passing a 1994 law that made it a crime to use force or the threat of force to intimidate abortion clinic workers or women seeking abortions.

Congress needs to pull their collective heads out of their __ and make it against the law to murder babies. Who knows, maybe if NARAL wasn't murdering babies then the NY Times wouldn't have any story about Roberts adoption of his children ... but then again maybe thats the whole problem ... he adopted children instead of murdering them.

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