Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane victims

Everyone knows we may have just been hit by the most disasterous hurricane we have ever seen, so I won't go into details about it.

I send my thoughts and prayers out to the survivors, emergency crews out there working to find them, and those lost and/or missing.

Pet peeves :

Looting : And I don't want to hear that "but it's survival - people need food and water" B.S. While I agree that when you're hungry and thirsty and trying to take care of your family I understand taking what you can find, but it is not necessary to grab a T.V., or DVD's, or jewelry, etc. while you're at it. (Or in alot of cases ... just non-necessities.) Also, we are hearing more and more about those that are robbing at gunpoint those that have food and water for themselves and family. Not necessary either. Marshall law was declared. Maybe the cops need to start shooting those doing these things instead of being picked off, by snipers, by 'teams' of thieves robbing jewelry stores, etc.

Levees : When you build a city in a bowl below sea level, and try to claim land, not meant to be dry, from the water, one should expect that at some point it will become a problem. 'Mother Nature' has a way of reclaiming what is hers. These levees have been questionable for years. Why hasn't the City or State used tax funds to improve these? (or where they wanting the Federal tax money to do it so they can give more tax breaks to the casinos?

Casinos/Refineries : What is more important? Why is it we have already heard that they are suspending the laws about casinos being only allowed on the water, so that within the week they can have the casinos up and running in the hotels for that 'Tax Revenue', but it may be weeks before they'll even look at the eight refineries? You know ... the refineries that produce 25% of our gasoline (4 refineries), and heating oil, etc. that we are hearing will increase 25-75 cents a gallon in the next week after already having seen it increase almost 75 cents per gallon in the week prior?

(Thats the next article ...)

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