Monday, August 08, 2005

Constitution delayed by weather - Baghdad a haze

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Enveloping the capital in an eerie orange glow, a blinding sandstorm Monday reduced visibility in Baghdad to a few feetslowing traffic to a crawl, canceling a key meeting on the Iraqi constitution and sending hundreds of people to the hospital with breathing problems.

Howling winds whipped up desert sands overnight, coating the streets of the city in a gritty opaque haze. Though sandstorms are common in Iraq's desert terrain, especially during the summer, the one that arrived overnight was the worst in two years, long-suffering residents said.

"Baghdad looks miserable today," resident Ahmed Malik said. "Shops are closed as if there is no life in the city, as if a nuclear bomb attacked it. It's completely abandoned."

The storm's fury forced Iraq's political leaders to postpone key talks aimed at breaking an impasse over drafting the country's new constitution by next Monday's deadline. A second round of talks had been set for Monday evening but was delayed for at least a day.

I am waiting for some extremist to come out and say that this is allah showing that this Constitution is not his will ...

freaks ... maybe it's God showing the factions to get it together!

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