Thursday, July 07, 2005

Richard Cohen reads Jonathan And Wanda Rantings

Richard Cohen, a syndicated columnist for the Washinton Post obviously reads this blog. The proof is here.

The article :

Judge Judy's candor is the benchmark

Over the weekend I went to a party, where I was asked who I thought should succeed Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Without hesitation I boldly gave my answer: Judge Judy.

I have no idea if Judy Sheindlin is a Republican or a Democrat, and her legal ideology is a mystery to me. (I think thats how it should be.) I only know that she gets the job done and can, in the inimitable words of the Ultimate Judge Judy Web page, "see through BS pretty fast." That's the judge for me. I am (mostly) serious.

I and maybe you would much prefer a judge whose ideology is rooted in pragmatism and who gets immense satisfaction from knowing that simple justice has been done. That's why people watch "Judge Judy." Mr. President, she's on at 4 in Washington.

He does make other points in the column, but the main point remains ... he read this blog before going to the party.

His other points include :

Groups on the right and on the left are reportedly prepared to spend as much as $100 million to promote or block certain nominees. Indeed, the handkerchief has already been dropped and the duel begun. The E-mails seem to arrive by the nanosecond. The alarmist letters stuff the mailbox. The interest groups act as if the vacancy on the Supreme Court belongs to them. I beg to differ. It is the United States Supreme Court and belongs to all of us. (I'm pretty sick of "interest groups" in Washington myself. Elected officials are supposed to represent the PEOPLE ... not an "interest group".)

The upshot is that even the plenty conservative Alberto Gonzales, now the attorney general and once the White House counsel, is being pummeled by religiously based right-wing groups. Based on some of his decisions when he was on the Texas Supreme Court and, more pertinent, his lack of fulsome anti-abortion rhetoric, he has been deemed unacceptable by the true leaders of this very Christian nation. It is, really, an absurdity. If he is not acceptable, then Strom Thurmond will have to be exhumed. (so ... are you supporting AG here because he's "plenty conservative", or his "lack of anti-abortion rhetoric"?)

This sense - this keen appreciation - that the Supreme Court vacancy is owned by right-wing special interest groups will, in the end, damage the GOP as its left-wing variant (support for late-term abortions, affirmative action, etc.) has hurt the Democratic Party. The difference is that the Democrats were mostly engaged in expanding rights while the GOP's extremists are industriously determined to narrow them. (What the ?!?!?! ... your showing your true colors here ... liberal MSM BS vendor.)

Well ... is he saying he was also joking, and between the lines supporting the nomination of Alberto Gonzales? Darn, and I was thinking that my post saying that Andrew P. Napolitano was my serious choice was his source. I'm sure it was ... really ..., but he just don't agree with my actual pick. = )

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