Friday, July 08, 2005

Reuters - "Osama a US creation"

DUBAI (Reuters) - Arab newspapers urged Britain on Friday not to turn against Arabs and Muslims after bloody bomb attacks in London blamed on al Qaeda Islamist militants.

While all editorials condemned the onslaught, some linked it to Britain's part in the Iraq invasion or its backing for a U.S.-declared "war on terror," which, they said, ignores the injustice of occupation fueling militancy in the Middle East.

The Friday prayer preacher in Tehran said Britain, which has said Thursday's attacks bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda, should remember that Osama bin Laden's group was a U.S. creation.

Beirut's English-language Daily Star predicted that Muslims would suffer more discrimination after the carnage in London.

"In spite of the fact that all acts of 'Islamic' terrorism blatantly contradict Islamic teachings, such acts serve to further distort the image of Muslims and Islam," it said.

"The stupidity which thought and planned these cowardly and immoral operations has succeeded, once more, in expanding the circle of enemies against Arabs, Muslims and Islam," said an editorial in the London-based pan-Arab daily al-Hayat.

Saudi Arabia's mufti, or top religious official, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Sheikh, said the bombers violated Islam. "The explosions in London...targeted the faithful as a whole, and this has no basis in Islam. It is forbidden by our religion."

The Saudi daily Al-Eqtisadiah said Britain should heed Muslim revulsion at the attacks and use "the voice of reason, wisdom and calm for which British politics is known, not the rage of those who curse and slander everything Arab and Muslim."

Muslim leaders in London called on worshippers to pray for the bomb victims and warned of an anti-Muslim backlash.

The Muslim Council of Britain said it had received 30,000 e-mail hate messages and the Islamic Human Rights Commission warned London Muslims to stay at home to avoid retaliation.

Oh those poor individuals ... maybe we should just issue arrest warrants and offer therapy.

I am, however, glad to see at least a pseudo-denouncement of yesterdays bombings; I am still at a shock that they have found a way to blame the US. On second thought ... I'm not shocked at all.

As-Safir newspaper condemned the "terrorists" who struck at the heart of London. "But this doesn't cancel the fact that occupation is terrorism against people, whether American as in Iraq or Israeli as in Palestine," it added.

In Tehran, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani used his Friday sermon to condemn the blasts, but reminded British Prime Minister Tony Blair of what he said was al Qaeda's parentage.

"You (Blair) should not forget that al Qaeda was created by big powers. America is the father and Israel is the mother of al Qaeda," he declared. "The aim of Qaeda's creation was to cause problems for Iran. Now it causes problems for its founders."

In Islamist Internet chatrooms, several users welcomed the bloodshed in London. "To those surprised by the killing of Americans and Britons in their countries, weren't you shocked by the killing of women and children in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan? As they kill us, we should kill them," one said.

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