Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Religion of peace" kills again

Al Qaida claim over blasts 7 July 2005

Al Qaida terrorists have claimed responsibility for the London blasts on an Islamic website and said that "Britain is burning with fear". (no ... try anger ... like Americans have towards you.)

The unverified claim, made on the Al-Qal'ah - Fortress - internet site, was posted by a group calling themselves the Secret Organisation Group of Al-Qa'ida of Jihad Organisation in Europe.

The message said: "The heroic mujahidin have carried out a blessed raid in London." (well heroes ... show yourselves ... or are you cowards in reality?)

It continued: "Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters." (repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth? Remember when you said those things about Americans? Remember running your cowardly asses into hiding soon after?)

The claims, picked up by BBC Monitoring, claimed that the strikes were revenge for British military "massacres" in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Shall we discuss all the massacres YOU have been responsible for ... innocent men, women, children ... on a daily basis with your HOMOCIDE bombers?)

Terrorists appeared to warn Denmark and Italy that they will also suffer attacks if they do not withdraw troops from Iraq. (You hoping they act like Spain and France and show what wimps they are?)

And so the "religion of peace" once again shows the loving, caring side of their faith.

I am, however, glad that England is not the wimps that Spain and France are and as such will not pull out of Iraq like the terrorists think will happen.

The funny thing about that whole thing is that in their culture you earn respect in this situation by NOT pulling out. Guess what Spain and France has "earned"... Oh yah ... we saw what pulling out did for Spain in Madrid ...

More to come.

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