Friday, July 29, 2005

NewsWEAK on "terrorist" vs. "insurgent"

The distinction between resistance and terror is an important one—and one not often made by U.S. officials in Iraq. Take, for example, the daily press releases from the U.S. military via their combined public information center, a.k.a. CPIC—here in Baghdad. A military operation in Mosul: 10 terrorists captured, is a typical comment. A firefight in outside Baghdad: three terrorists killed. A security sweep based on good intelligence—a terrorist operation thwarted. It all sounds pretty clear. But it's not. The vast majority of these so-called terrorists that the U.S. military brags about killing and capturing are actually insurgents fighting the American occupation and the fledgling Iraqi government. Categorizing them as terrorists has probably played well with a gullible American public—indeed, it probably makes them feel safer—but factually speaking it's wrong.

The vast majority of attacks against U.S. and Iraqi security forces are perpetrated by former members of Saddam Hussein's regime and Sunnis fearful of being politically marginalized by the Kurds and majority Shiites. Then there are the foreign Muslims coming into Iraq to wage jihad against the United States and its allies, primarily through suicide bombings. The first group sees itself as resisting an army of occupation, the second neither cares about the Iraqi people nor the country's political status, wanting only to thwart the Americans by creating fear and chaos. The latter group can fairly be called terrorists.

What's the difference? Most dictionaries define insurgents as members of an organized revolt against a recognized government, usually through harassment or subversion. Terrorists, on the other hand, generally target civilians, using violence for intimidation or coercion, often for ideological reasons or under cover of religion. It's clear that both are operating in Iraq at the moment, and equally clear that there are times when the line is blurred. Should those who bomb American soldiers without caring if ordinary Iraqis get hurt—and there are many cases of those—be labeled differently to those who specifically target young jobseekers or senior citizens waiting to collect their pensions?

In all fairness, U.S. military commanders usually make clear distinctions between insurgents and terrorists during their regular briefings inside the Green Zone in Baghdad. These sessions are slightly surreal—military officers and journalists, inside six square miles of blast walls and barbed wire, debate fighting outside that kills hundreds each month. But why, in between these weekly briefings, do the military's press releases seem to identify everyone against them or the Iraqi government as a terrorist? That in itself raises some other troubling questions: is this deliberate White House or Pentagon spin? Is this an evolution of the cold war mentality of
calling people who are perceived threats communists? Should we start referring to pickpockets and junior-high bullies as terrorists?

"In all fairness", there is raised a couple facts ... but the 'between the lines' spin here is unreal.

In short, NewsWEAK supports Sadam's old regime ... they are "resistance" against the USA ... a.k.a. "occupiers". They're as honorable as our founding fathers for gods sake. Get it together you psyco. If you believe otherwise you are "gulible" and probably think anyone that's possibly maybe a threat is also a commie red and you're the freak that calls the FBI on your neighbor because you can't figure out how he could afford that new car ...

Thats the perception they emit, but the blantant comparison of someone murdering people to just some kid acting like he's tough and maybe pushing another kid around ... maybe punching someone ... someone who steals your wallet and you don't know it untill you get home later because they purposefully made sure you felt nothing ...

Should we start referring to pickpockets and junior-high bullies as terrorists?

Are you on crack NewsWEAK ? (Or maybe you're just MSM "terrorists").

p.s. We went over this awhile back with NBC and their terrorist loving network b.s. from Brian Williams.

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