Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8 ... as in 8 bazillion dollars

Once again we have the "elite" showing their "concern" for the poor starving Africans. All the while raising less since "we are the world" way back in the 80's than what the Bush administration alone has sent during his tenure. As DANEgerous points out ...

They'll raise 1/1000th the money the American tax-payers are sending through Bush(R)'s initiatives, and get a 1000 times the publicity and a million times the congratulations... from themselves. All to fund the tyrants that are the problem.

Over the years yours and my tax dollars have been sent over there in large quantities (as in billions and billions of dollars) in addition to the large sums "raised" as with the "Live 8" publicity festivals yesterday.

Over all these years I have yet to be witness to even one improvement in their living conditions. (Other than the powerful over there who seem to have nicer mansions and larger bank accounts!)

It's time to not pour more money into the broken system, (kinda like Social Security huh?), and teach a man to fish.

With all the bazillions of dollars that Africa has recieved over the last couple decades I could have created a bleeping country with the strongest economy on earth!

Sound selfish?

Tell that to the starving masses we have here IN OUR OWN BLEEPING COUNTRY that are told to go elsewhere for a hand UP.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, congress sits wondering about how much more of OUR money they can spend and conjuring up new higher taxes to get more of our money to send to tyrants to build larger mansions, and hold more expensive parties that they can fly over on our dime to attend!

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