Friday, July 08, 2005

Judge Judy wouldn't tell President no

As previously posted here and here my idea of Judge Judy for Supreme Court Justice is making it's way across the US. Judge Judy responds.

She's not saying no to Justice Judy
Judge Judy for the Supreme Court?
Lloyd Grove is The Daily News' newest gossip columnist, joining us from The Washington Post

"I am very flattered even to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Supreme Court," Judge Judy told me through a spokesman, in response to my pal Richard Cohen's suggestion, in yesterday's Daily News, that President Bush consider her for the vacancy created by Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement.

"What Mr. Cohen is saying, tongue in cheek, is that you shouldn't choose someone based on a preconceived ideology, because that very often changes," Sheindlin went on. "What you should be looking for is someone with a sense of justice and fairness."

But Cohen was being "mostly serious," he wrote in his column.

Cohen told me yesterday that he's grown attached to Judge Judy through his sick-day TV viewing at home.

When asked point-blank if she'd like to be considered for the job, Judge Judy dodged the question.

"I prefer not to rule by committee," she said.

Yeah, and I bet she'd also prefer not to give up her $30 million annual salary, but that's not the same as saying she wouldn't do it if the President called.

Maybe this wasn't a joke of an idea after all ? = )

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