Sunday, July 10, 2005

Islamo-fascist Cowardly Terrorists are the "occupiers"

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed at least 21 people and wounded more than 40 at an Iraqi army recruiting center in western Baghdad on Sunday, officials said.

But army recruits are a prime target for insurgents. One Interior Ministry source put the death toll at Baghdad's Muthanna airfield recruitment station at 22. Police said 42 were wounded. The Defense Ministry said 21 died.

The attack, claimed by al Qaeda's Iraq wing in an Internet posting, was the bloodiest in Iraq for a week, since an almost identical attack on police recruits at another Baghdad base.

A twin suicide car bombing killed seven Iraqi customs officers at the Waleed border crossing from Syria.

A suicide car bomber killed three civilians and wounded 10 near the local authority building in the northern oil city of Kirkuk and five police were killed and three wounded near Mosul when a suicide bomber hit the motorcade of a district police chief.

The Muthanna airfield recruitment station, near Baghdad's city center, has been struck before, part of a sustained campaign by Sunni Arab insurgents against the Shi'ite-led government's fledgling security forces.

And all this done in the name of allah against people who have stepped forward to defend their own country. One they have faced death just for the right to vote, and they have voted. One they face death to become part of the system of self-government, and yet they still volunteer.

All this in the name of allah by those who claim to be for peace, while killing fellow muslims. Claiming we are the invaders when few, indeed if any, are from Iraq themselves. They are there in the name of allah to take over the country for their own evil deeds. To create a base of operations, and a funding source. A terrorist state, something they have never had, and want to create for the purpose of furthering their evil by attempting to conquer the world. To them it is convert or die, period.

They will do this at what cost? The lives of those brave citizens who volunteer to serve their country against those from outside that would invade and attempt to take their land and freedom from them. The lives of the brave men and women of foreign countries who come to help secure their freedom and defend their land.

Cowardly islamo-fascist terrorists are the "occupiers" of the middle east. They have no country, and are attempting to take innocent citizens homes and lives to create one.

This isn't just Iraq, but others whose freedom and land are desired.

Afghans say Taliban behead six policemen

KABUL (Reuters)
- The decapitated bodies of six Afghan policemen were found in
southern Afghanistan at the weekend, on the same day Taliban guerrillas claimed to have beheaded a missing U.S. commando, officials said on Sunday.

The bodies and heads of the policemen, who had been abducted by Taliban guerrillas on Friday, were found dumped in Deshu district of Helmand province, near the border with Pakistan, on Saturday, provincial governor Sher Mohammad Akhundzada said.

"Six policemen were beheaded yesterday, it was a very brutal act," he told Reuters, adding that government forces were searching for those responsible.

The policemen were kidnapped in a Taliban ambush on Friday in which four colleagues were killed and three wounded, Akhundzada said, while denying reports quoting him as saying that 10 officers had been found beheaded.

The bodies were found the same day Taliban spokesman Abdul Latif Hakimi said the guerrillas had beheaded a missing American commando in the eastern province of Kunar.

U.S. military spokeswoman Lieutenant Cindy Moore said she had no information to confirm the Taliban claim that the missing commando had been killed, or had been captured, and a search for him was continuing. "We are always hopeful," she said.

Hakimi confirmed the killings of the policemen, but could not say if they were beheaded. He said anyone supporting the U.S.-backed government faced death.

(you mean the government the citizens of that country VOTED in?)

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