Tuesday, July 05, 2005

High Court's Next Term Full of Big Cases

High Court's Next Term Full of Big Cases

Supreme Court's Next Term Loaded With Contentious Issues As Justice O'Connor Leaves the Bench

WASHINGTON Jul 2, 2005 — Abortion, assisted suicide, gay rights, the death penalty. Some of the toughest issues in the land confront the Supreme Court in its new term in the fall.

On major ones, the court frequently splits 5-4. O'Connor, a moderate put on the court by President Reagan, has been a key vote in death penalty, religion and abortion cases. Her view often became the final word.

The facts actually show that she was often in the minority, but how quickly the MSM and liberals try to revise her record in an attempt to present her as a moderate; which is far from the truth. All so they can demand another "like her" ... a.k.a. one that votes liberal.

O'Connor said that she will remain on the court until her successor is confirmed. Depending on President Bush's choice, there could be a lengthy fight that stretches into the fall.

This is actually good news. The last thing America needs is an incomplete Supreme Court. Although, as mentioned before, since O'Connor could not be trusted to always interpret the Constitution in a "constructionist" way, she wasn't hopeless.

If O'Connor is not able to continue serving, many major cases could leave the court split 4-4.

Justices already have a full lineup of cases for the nine-month term that begins the first Monday in October. The court has agreed to hear about 40 appeals, including four death penalty cases and two abortion-related cases. About 40 more appeals will be added later.

Guess what ruling the liberal (D)umbassrats want on those issues.

In one, the court will decide if law schools may restrict military recruiters as a way of protesting the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy excluding openly gay people from military service.

Again ... one guess which way the hot air filled Clinton, Pelosi, Kennedy and their ilk want.

And one wonders why the left is pressing so hard for a Judge that will vote their way.

They cannot win elections to change the laws to suit their whims, so they rely on liberal Judges to legislate from the bench creating a judical oligarchy (a.k.a. fascism).

This is why Judicial nominees are so important. This is why these tactics unheard of in history, like filibustering nominees, must not be tolerated.

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