Thursday, July 14, 2005

Busy week at work

Haven't posted much since returning to the shop after a few days off. Problem in my business is everything is time sensitive, so if you take a few days off, you end up pushing all those hours into less days.

It's 3:40A.M. here and I've been at it all day and night ... again.

Anyways ... here's a brief catch up on the latest.

NASA scrubbed Discovery ... for now. Good they're taking all precautions, but we need back up there. Alot of our current technology is results from past missions.

Rehnquist Enters Hospital Again. Looks like that retirement announcement may come soon. Bush will have yet another fight with the (D)umbassrats, but Rehnquist will get to enjoy some family time. May even help his health a little.

The Rove thing is still big news .. and bigger BS. So he lets a reporter know that the guy who was lying through his teeth in a NY Times article isn't someone to trust since his wife commited nepotism by getting him the vacation ( I mean assignment ) ... never mentioning her name, hubby mentions her name often in his writings himself, what he reported to the CIA is completely opposite of what he reported in his article ... etc. etc. etc ... I'm sure he's enjoying life off his earnings from writings and posing for covers ... her too by the way ... pretty good for a desk jockey ... by the way .. I doubt she ever was "covert" since it takes a certain amount of training, and for her to have done that, been in the field, and driving a desk as long as she has ... she would have been a 15 year old CIA agent ... uuuhhhhhhh ... yah.

The TERRORISTS that committed the HOMOCIDE bombings in England are still news. I see the MSM is already spinning the stories to try and develop sympathy for the HOMOCIDE TERRORIST bombers.

Thank God it looks like there will be hockey next season. About freaking time. GO REDWINGS !!!!!!!

And last for the moment ...

I'm still trying to figure out what the excuse is that gas has went up 20 cents per gallon over the last few days ... I figure the answer to that is actually greed, but I know it is stupid "speculators" on wall street being stupid!

well .. I got more, but it will have to wait ... back to work ... YAK !

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