Saturday, June 04, 2005

U.S.: Guards, detainees mishandled Quran

Here we go again ... now I'll just wait for the riots again ... wonder who will die this time around.

(CNN) -- A U.S. military investigation has found four incidents in which guards at the Guantanamo Bay prison mishandled the Quran, but said that it was detainees who threw the Muslim holy book in the toilet.

Now, based solely on this CNN article, lets compare the "abuses".

U.S. personel -

1. In February 2002, a detainee complained that guards kicked the Quran belonging to a detainee in a nearby cell.
2. On July 25, 2003, a contract interrogator apologized to a detainee for stepping on his Quran in an earlier interview. The interrogator was later fired "for a pattern of unacceptable behavior, an inability to follow direct guidance and poor leadership."
3. On August 15, 2003, night shift guards threw water balloons in a cell block, wetting the Qurans of two detainees.
4. On March 25, 2005, a detainee said "urine came through an air vent" and "splashed on him and his Quran while he laid near the air vent." A guard admitted he was at fault, saying he urinated near an air vent and the "wind blew his urine through the vent into the block." The detainee was given a new uniform and Quran. The guard was reprimanded and placed on gate guard duty away from detainees.

Islamo Fascist Hypocrite Detainee -

1. a detainee placed two Qurans in his toilet and stated he no longer cared about the Quran or his religion. Five minutes later, after the detainee retrieved the Qurans, he ripped several pages out of one Quran and threw the pages on the floor. Then, he placed both Qurans on the sink.
2. a detainee tore up his Quran and tried to flush it down the toilet
3. a detainee used his Quran as a pillow
4. a detainee urinated on his holy book
5. several detainees who ripped pages from the Quran.

Uncomfirmed (could have been either) -

On August 21, 2003, a detainee complained that a "two-word obscenity had been written in English on the inside cover of his English version Quran." The report noted that the detainee knew English and Arabic, and it could not be determined exactly who wrote the phrase. "It is possible that a guard committed this act; it is equally possible that the detainee wrote in his own Quran."

But let's be sure to ignore what they are doing and make the news stories about the "horrible" things the U.S. is doing to the Koran and detainees.


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