Monday, June 06, 2005

Senator Clinton Assails Bush

Senator Hillary Clinton castigated President Bush and Washington Republicans today as mad with power and bent on marginalizing Democrats during a speech to 1,000 supporters at her first major re-election fund-raiser, which netted about $250,000.

Mrs. Clinton, who is running for a second term in 2006 and is widely described as a possible Democratic nominee for the presidency in 2008, said that her party is hamstrung because Republicans dissemble and smear without shame and the news media has lost its investigatory zeal for exposing misdeeds.

Pot ... Kettle ... Black ...

Left unchallenged, especially if Democrats fail to pick up seats in next year's Congressional elections, she said, Republican leaders could ram through extremist conservative judges, wreck Social Security and make unacceptable concessions to China, Saudi Arabia and other nations that are needed to finance the United States budget deficit.

ahem ... again ... Pot ... Kettle ... Black ...

"There has never been an administration, I don't believe in our history, more intent upon consolidating and abusing power to further their own agenda," Mrs. Clinton told the audience at a "Women for Hillary" gathering in Midtown Manhattan this morning.

Well .. there was that Clinton administration ...

"I can tell you this: It's very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they're doing. It is very hard to tell people that they are making decisions that will undermine our checks and balances and constitutional system of government who don't care. It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth."

She still dwelling on that Monica thing?

Mrs. Clinton described Republican leaders as messianic in their beliefs, willing to manipulate facts and even "destroy" the Senate to gain political advantage over the Democratic minority. She also labeled the House of Representatives as "a dictatorship of the Republican leadership," where individual members are all but required to vote in lock-step with the majority's agenda.

Referring to Congress' Republican leadership, she said, "Some honestly believe they are motivated by the truth, they are motivated by a higher calling, they are motivated by, I guess, a direct line to the heavens."

Ahem ... something wrong with being "messianic" ... a.k.a. "Christian"? well yah ... to the (D)umbassrats I guess there is.

"minipulate facts"? ... wasn't your husband that lied under oath to the court and was dis-barred for doing so?

oh yah ... the (D)umbassrats are the MINORITY ... in other words ... the people elected (R)'s to make sure they have a "political advantage" ... DUH!

By the way Billary ... what were those deals your husband had with China again? ... oh yah ... giving weapons secrets to them ... Still want to bring up money to China?

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