Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rainbow/push Nazi comment

Joe Beasley, the Southern Regional Director of Rainbow/PUSH, appeared on the Laura Ingraham show today. The topic was about panhandling laws in Atlanta.

Joe Beasley in the interview/debate format actually had the stones to compare the US lawmakers (those making laws against "blacks" - who in his opinion are the only people poor and homeless and panhandling because of the oppression of the white man keeping him down) to NAZIS !!!!!!! WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!

When confronted about his 'choice of words', especially with all the press lately on others 'recent use of the nazi word', Laura asked him if he was "seriously comparing panhandling laws to those who gased innocent people".

His response was also a shock. He then compared the prisons (that house only blacks by the way- in his opinion due to the oppressive white man keeping him poor so he has no choice but to become a criminal) by stating, "have you seen the Atlanta prisons? They are gas chambers, but noone is dying".

WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!

I have requested from Ms. Ingraham a transcript of the interview. I will post more on this topic upon reciept.

Untill then ... here's a few other comments from Joe Beasley ... I got a clear picture of what he's all about myself ... the word racist comes to mind!


I grew up here in Georgia, in Bibb County. Today, Georgia's a melting pot. But during the old days, it was really only two races. The Native Americans had pretty much been driven out of Georgia. So there was just African-Americans and whites. We were living under apartheid. I worked in the cotton fields. It was like a sharecropper plantation; at the end of the year, you never made enough to get out of debt.

In the PX, where you'd buy your grooming material, for example, they had nothing for black people. You had to fight for those things. There'd be ethnic days for food. There'd be a Mexican day, an Irish day, where you'd have specialty food. But we were African-Americans. We wanted a soul food day.

And there was no entertainment in the military that catered to African-Americans. We said, by God, we want us a black group. They said, "We got just the person for you." And it was Charley Pride. Now, Charley had his talent. But give him to people who like country and Western. Don't give it to us.

It's the same kind of diabolical thing when Thurgood Marshall died. We made a loud cry. We wanted a black person on the Supreme Court. They said, "We got just the man for you: Clarence Thomas." Black as the sun.

Some of the flaggers say about America, "Love it or leave it." I say, "You leave." If there's any group that's been in America, it's Africans. We didn't come here; we were brought here against our will. This is our home, but we've never been able to feel at home.


Apparently Beasley did not have nice things to say about Majette; however, there are no quotes or mention of what he did say about her, except that it was good every once in awhile to break away from "the Democratic plantation."


"This is a mean-spirited continuation of what they call the `sanitation' of Peachtree Street," said Joe Beasley, a 68-year-old Atlanta native who heads the regional office of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. "The white folks, their position was that black people were bad for commerce, and if you were black, you just didn't go on Peachtree Street unless you were cleaning up or something."


On the Michael Medved Show ...

Rainbow-PUSH director Joe Beasley says that if we mistreat the poor by outlawing panhandling, they'll turn into suicide bombers. Seems to suggest that our current terror foes are not ideologically opposed, but just economic victims.

"We've criminalized poverty... the hardest working people in Atlanta are the homeless," he says, because they walk so much."


"It really is about race. There are two people on the MARTA board that should not be there. Gwinnett and Clayton don't want MARTA. It is a case of representation without taxation. Clayton and Gwinnett should pay their money and this thing would be solved." (Joe Beasley, National Rainbow Coalition)


I could keep going ... but I'm tired of reading the racist drivel pouring out of his pie-hole! What a loser !

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