Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hillary doesn't want freedom of press here

Drudge has a report that is enough to crack up over.

Hillary runs her mouth last week about how important it is to keep the media/etc safe from libel ...

this week it's ...

The former first lady turned senator fumed as a close aide offered details of the book, an insider explains."Mrs. Clinton told me she would considering suing him for outright libel," the top Hillary source explains. "This is the right wing attack machine on crack!"

But Hillary and her camp may have a hard time typecasting Ed Klein as a Clinton-crazed right-winger. Klein is the former foreign editor of NEWSWEEK and former editor in chief of the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. He is a frequent contributor to VANITY FAIR and PARADE.He is also the author of THE KENNEDY CURSE; FAREWELL, JACKIE; and several other NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers. VANITY FAIR has already commissioned an excerpt of the embargoed Hillary book, exploring Hillary's senate runs.


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