Thursday, June 02, 2005

Amnesty leadership aided Kerry

"Federal Election Commission records show that William F. Schulz, executive
director of Amnesty USA, contributed $2,000 to Mr. Kerry's campaign last year.
Mr. Schulz also has contributed $1,000 to the 2006 campaign of Sen. Edward M.
Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat.

Also, Joe W. "Chip" Pitts III, board chairman of Amnesty International USA,
gave the maximum $2,000 allowed by federal law to John Kerry for President. Mr.
Pitts is a lawyer and entrepreneur who advises the American Civil Liberties

It comes as no suprise that those who seek to spread lies in the hopes of damaging the Bush administration are contributors to the (D)umbassrats.

A final interesting fact ... One of the largest contributors to Damnnasty International is Teresa Hines Kerry.

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