Tuesday, May 24, 2005

War Heros

I watched a couple old war movies I have sitting around on tape this past weekend. First I watched “Tora, Tora, Tora”, then I watched “Midway”. Very good movies about how Americans fight for their freedoms and for the freedom of others. Then I got to thinking about how we got our freedom to begin with. I grabbed a couple more revolutionary war movies I had on the shelf and watched them.

One was Mel Gibson's "The Patriot". It was moving, graphic, and thought provoking. Another one was an A&E release called "The Crossing". It was really well done and quite historically accurate. Watching them I realized just what sacrifice was made by a few brave men long ago to give us all the freedoms we enjoy today.

Today I look at the world as it has become since then and wonder if they had known what we would become ... would they have made such great sacrifice and suffered as they did?

I guess I should assume that they would smile and say that some of the crap we see everyday is just those exercising the rights that they suffered, fought and some died for, but then again … I find it awful hard to believe that they are not rolling over in their graves.

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