Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tenn. State Senator Resigns After Arrest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — State Sen. John Ford, a member of one of
Tennessee's most powerful political families, has resigned after being placed
under house arrest facing charges from a two-year FBI sting, the lieutenant
governor said Saturday.

During his tenure in the state Senate, John Ford has lost paternity
lawsuits, given a political job to a girlfriend, used campaign money for his
daughter's wedding and been successfully sued for sexual harassment.

Republican Senate leader Ron Ramsey said the Ethics Committee he chairs
was getting ready to file a six-count charge against Ford for violating Senate
rules stemming from a separate investigation into allegations he was paid by a
consulting company with financial ties to the state's Medicaid program. "I
believe we would have had the votes to remove Sen. Ford from office," Ramsey

Ford, Sens. Kathryn Bowers and Ward Crutchfield, and state Rep. Chris
Newton were all sponsors of a bill proposed by E-Cycle that would have given the
state the option of getting rid of old computer equipment by selling it to a
"qualified electronic recycling company."

Bowers, one of the other lawmakers arrested with Ford this week, said she
is not guilty and does not plan to resign. "Everybody that knows me knows I'm a
fighter," she said.

I dare you to find what party he/they is/are anywhere in the article. They're all (D)umbassrats for those that don't have time to look.

Where's that call for ethics probes against Rep. Tom Delay (R) Texas again?

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