Monday, May 30, 2005

Protests Hit Illegal Immigration Summit

LAS VEGAS -- Protesters on Sunday gathered outside a meeting where members of a controversial civilian group that has been monitoring the Mexican border gathered with other activists seeking to curb illegal immigration. More than 150 demonstrators used placards and bullhorns and waved Mexican flags to get their message out: "Racists, go home!" they screamed.

Everytime someone wants to enforce the LAW they try and shut it down by screaming "racist". No ... it's called being an American that is concerned about security, and way of life. America cannot support the whole world economically. America also does not need to suffer another 9-11 attack from someone sneaking across the border.

"They're creating division among Americans," he said. "We don't need it."

Show me the "Americans" that are "divided" ... then show me their green cards ... I think La Migra should have been at the protest ... I wonder how many of them were ILLEGAL.

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