Monday, May 02, 2005

It's Typical for the man to be accused

So this woman in Georgia runs off to have a grand old time in Vegas before her wedding. ("What happens here stays here" after all … what better place to go if you run off with “cold feet”?). In the meantime the police launch a full-blown search for her. She eventually calls and lies and claims she was kidnapped, (may face charges for that), but everyone is relieved she's alive and ok. Everyone cries tears of joy as she flies 1st class home in a brand new FBI logo outfit, and an armload of gifts.

I know one thing that no one is remembering very well, and it torques me off. What about all the trouble the left behind fiancé faced? Do you remember the fact that they grilled him for hours assuming foul play? Do you recall they searched the house and confiscated several computers and searched the hard drives with specialized programming? Do you recall the uproar when he refused a POLICE “lie-detector”, and the grumbles when he submitted to a “private” one? (Which he passed by the way, and I don’t blame him one bit for not wanting the “expert” police one). The list goes on and on.

Wonder if anyone from the “authorities” has apologized to him yet. I Doubt it, and I don’t expect to ever hear he gets one. That’s the world today in America. Something happens, man guilty, PERIOD. Innocent till proven guilty is a thing of the past. Today in America one has the burden of proving innocence, and that tips the justice scales drastically in the favor of “the system”. It also digs into our freedoms and rights.

So, what exactly was the evidence that gave them ‘probable cause’ to assume foul play and conduct searches of that mans home, and confiscate his computers, etc.? What facts supported the demand for a “lie detector”? Last I checked a 32-year-old woman in America had every right to have cold feet about her wedding and leave Georgia on a bus to Las Vegas. She had the right to go to Vegas and have a wild time doing who knows what with whomever, and lie to her fiancé about it. No, SHE did NOT have the right to lie to the law about it, but her family … she had every right to be out there partying and lying through her teeth to them about it.

Let’s just all just make sure to assume foul play and put the man she left behind to the fire. Let’s be sure that anyone hearing the story knows the police are searching his home, computer, demanding “lie detectors”, that he’s not cooperating and wants a “private party” to conduct same, and by all means … Let’s make sure the media constantly compares him to Scott Peterson, Mark Hacking, and assorted wife killers and ilk to be sure that the world assumes guilt.
One last thing … I wonder if any of my rant would be necessary if the “police investigators” had found the name Jennifer Wilbanks on the bus passenger manifest, or a bus ticket on her credit/debit card, or when and where they were being used, etc. … or did they just not “investigate” that avenue?

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