Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hypocristan Protests

ISLAMABAD (AFP) - Thousands of Islamic hardliners launched fresh protests across Pakistan after the United States admitted some guards at Guantanamo Bay had mishandled the Koran, witnesses and party officials said.

True ... There were some "abuses" that have come out. Let me refresh your memory of what they are ...

1. "VanNatta recounted that in 2002, the inmates suddenly started yelling that the guards had thrown a Qur'an on or near an Asian-style squat toilet." (A bleeping detainee did it).
2. "guards or interrogators mishandled their Qur'ans. In one case, a female guard allegedly knocked a Qur'an from its pouch onto the detainee's bed."
3. "detainees became upset after two MPs, looking for contraband, felt the pouch containing a prisoner's Qur'an.
4. "While questioning a detainee, an interrogator allegedly put a Qur'an on top of a TV set, took it off when the detainee complained, then put it back on."
5. "guards somehow sprayed water on a detainee's Qur'an."
6. "a guard inadvertently knocked a Qur'an from its pouch onto the floor of a detainee's cell".

Big freaking hairy deal!!!

Back to the report ...

Ahmed said a bomb blast at a Muslim shrine near Islamabad earlier
Friday, which left at least 19 people dead, was "exploded to divert attention
from the protest against the United States and to trigger Sunni-Shiite

I wonder ... how many Korans were destroyed in that blast?

In Pakistan, about 2,000 protesters chanted anti-US slogans
in Lahore while a crowd of 800 gathered in the southwestern city of Quetta where
protesters trampled on a US flag, witnesses said.

So let me get this straight ... They can take $50 million dollars of our tax money from our government in aid (earlier this week), trample our flag, deface the Christian bible, say derogatory things about the U.S., etc... but if someone even looks at a Koran that is an "infidel" then it's all justified or whatever?


"America should tender an unconditional apology otherwise
we'll wage jihad against it," he said.

How many "jihads" against us can be claimed? What are we up to now? About 1,000 "jihads" now proclaimed against us?

Shows their own lack of understanding of their own religion. As a theologian I have had the opportunity to study other religions. In the Islam faith a "jihad" is similar to the Catholic "excommunication". It is intended as an internal purging of things/people that are detrimental to the faith. They are supposed to be proclaiming "jihad" against fellow Muslims much like the extremists/terrorists. Why do the "good Muslims not do this?

If you are not a Catholic, and someone tells you that because of something you do or have done that you are being "excommunicated" ... do you care? Of course not, because that is an internal thing for that denomination that you are not a part of.

Again I ask ... why are not the "good Muslims" proclaiming "jihad"/"excommunicating" these extremists/terrorists?

So here we are with the same old hypocricy as always, except now I get to see it knowing that $50 million of our hard earned tax dollars are going to these people that are involved in this. Maybe our government should tell them that we'll be keeping the money after all.

President Bush ... you cannot "buy" these people ... they see that as a sign of weakness anyways, so quit giving my hard earned money to these HYPOCRITES!

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