Saturday, May 14, 2005

Democrat lies and the socialist agenda

Well, Harry Reid and assorted fellow (D)umbassrats, along with " ," headed by Harold Ickes, the former Clinton deputy who ran the massive Media Fund campaign against Bush during the 2004 campaign are at it again.

(D)umbassrats want to turn this country into a socialist nation. They dream of the day when the government controls every part of your life, and nothing you have is from yourself. They love the idea of you being dependent on them. Income re-distribution … and whatever you get, you have them to thank for it. They will lie, cheat and steal to push that agenda.

(D)umbassrats have been using an online "calculator" on their websites producing answers to the question, "How much will you lose under Bush privatization plan?" It projects cuts of up to 50% in benefits. Ickes’ project along with “Americans United to Save Social Security”, which is an alliance that includes the AFL-CIO and, and a million dollar television advertising campaign are claiming, "Look below the surface and you'll find benefit checks cut almost in half."

The left has many cronies outside the chambers helping them push the agenda. Look back at the election; do you remember Media Fund? How about memories of ""? Do you remember who and what the unions spent their money backing? Now they are outright lying to America and the world yet again to make sure the system they once claimed needed fixing when a (D)umbassrat was in office is perfectly fine and needs to be left alone. All they really want is power, control and more money.

All the money coming into the S.S. system is theirs for the raiding. Has been for years. There is no “trust fund”, and for oh so many years they have been spending, spending, spending and plopping in IOU’s to yours and my retirement, all while they left the system getting a worse return that just putting it under your mattress. Now they want to be sure to fool people into believing it needs to stay the way it is. Republicans are not all innocent either as they’ve had some of their hands in that cookie jar also, but they damn sure aren’t out there with some BS calculator on their websites.

This so-called calculator is rigged. It is using wrong numbers, bad assumptions, and the usual deception. The fine print while claiming to use the Congressional Budget Office data fails to mention that the 3% is only part of the report (“risk adjusted figure”), and that actual numbers are closer to 5.5 – 6.8%, which is also in the CBO report. In that report the CBO suggests that the 3% would be a major downfall in the economic system and that they assume actual returns will be about 6.8%. Leading economic professors have backed up these higher figures including those from such respected universities as The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, and Harvard Universities.

Bottom line is they have their future already set up with their own private investments they are making plenty on … now they want to make sure to have me and you relying on them by not affording me and you who cannot afford to do so and still pay the bills the same ability.

Which way is it to the States little bread shop again? Let me grab my ration coupons and we’ll walk on over there together.
Maybe we can get there before the lines get to long, or they run out of food.

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