Saturday, May 07, 2005

Clinton on Social Security …

Recently former President Clinton came out and told (D)umasscrats to basically shut up about President Bush's Social Security plan. He stated that Democrats should quit obstructing the President's Social Security proposal and offer a plan of their own. "I think the Democrats should say what they are for on Social Security in the next couple weeks; they've got time to put together a program."

He added, "I think it should include an opportunity for people to participate in savings and ownership. They don’t have to do private accounts... But I think that the Democrats should have a plan, and they should talk to the president and congressional Republicans about it."

It’s amusing how all the (D)'s were all over the suggestion of reforming SS when Clinton was still in office, but once a (R) hit the house ... everything is "fine", leave it alone. Just more verification that all the (D)'s are about is control, money, spending, and pandering for votes.

About what Clinton has said, however, it shows either that he does have some sense in his head since leaving the Whitehouse, or is trying to help Billary look more centrist for '08. Either way, he has been consistent at least on this issue.

I've always said that other than the morality issue (and the fact that he detested the military), all in all he was not a dreadful president. He was not an excellent president, but over all he didn't totally devastate the country. Let's remember to give credit where it is due, and with these remarks I give him another notch in the good column.

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