Thursday, May 12, 2005

2 A.M. thiefs

Tax Increases

So the Texas Senate snuck one by huh? Why is it that whenever the powers that be want to pass something that will screw the voters over they do it at like 2 freaking a.m.?

Taxes, taxes, taxes. And the real problem is the freaking spending! Why is it that the government never says, “hay, we are spending to much.” Instead they always say, “hay, lets figure a way to get more money!”

You know, when I get paid and start paying the few bills I can with what I got left after the government takes their share, when I run out of money I stop bleeping spending. I can’t go into someone else’s pocket at 2 freaking a.m. and get more!

“It’s for the children …”. Bull crap! It’s about getting more money to spend on unnecessary crap!

The Lottery … “It’s for the children …”, and exactly how much of that money going into the bleeping GENERAL FUND actually makes it to the school? It was supposed to drop property taxes. Mine INCREASED! Funny how any property tax decrease becomes an increase as your property is suddenly valued higher.

School spending, “we’re not spending enough for the children”, what a freaking joke. All the bleeping money is going to overpaid administrators. There comes a time when enough is enough.
“The figures, taken from spending in the 1999-2000 school year, are the most recent available, but state budget crunches could change the school funding landscape in coming years.
Texas - $6,145”

The states answer to the “budget crunch”? Higher taxes, get more money, spend more!

“In spite of a greater than 10 percent increase in state appropriations for education since 1996…

1996 - for Texas the average per pupil expenditure was $5,168…

While the average per pupil operating expenditure in Texas was $4,717 in 1996-1997 most of the school districts spent between $4,019 to $8,146 per student”

Barely over 50% goes to the classroom

On average, Texas spends just shy of $8,000 per year per child in our government-run schools.

The 2002-03 average teacher salary was $45,771, up 3.3 percent from the previous year, and average beginning teacher salaries rose 3.2 percent to $29,564 for the same period.

Once upon a time I was an advocate for teachers and their pay. I was always speaking out that they were underpaid. That was then, things improved, their salaries were increased. THEY’RE STILL BITCHING!!!

$45,771 is freaking over 2X what I freaking make, and I do a skilled trade that I have over 15 years experience in and at the management level!!! Shall we discuss what the freaking “administrators” make? And these figures are a couple years old. Add at least another 6-10% since they grow over 3% annually.

I haven’t seen a freaking raise for some time now myself. Want to know why? The bleeping taxes my company owners pay keep going freaking up, and small business has to operate on the money it makes. They cannot go into someone elses pockets at 2 freaking a.m. and get more money to give me more! Now the bleeping powers that be have increased what the company will have to fork out. Guess it will be awhile before they can afford to even think about my salary. (Unless they approach me about taking a pay CUT to help keep the freaking business even open!)

This “payroll tax” is a freaking INCOME TAX, and in Texas that is against the State Constitution. MY income has been affected yet again and not in just one-way. I can guarantee you my property taxes will end up higher in the long run. The taxes on certain items are going up, in some cases doubling the cost of those items. The businesses will have to increase the cost of everything I buy because you know bleeping full well that their bottom line will not be what they allow to take the tax hit. Etc., etc., etc.

It comes out of my pocket as an employee by not getting a raise (or a reduced one), and my cost of living has gone up yet again. If I went into someone elses wallet at 2 a.m. to get the extra money I need to pay these things, I would be called a thief and put in jail. Might not be so bad. I hear there’s a lot of spending going on there too. Life might be better there than it is at my over taxed home.

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